Can I hire an attorney to collect my judgment?

Sure, if you are ready to write a check for $1,000 to $5,000 for a retainer. Some attorneys will agree to an hourly rate. Most attorneys in Southern California have an hourly minimum ranging from a hard-to-find low of $195 to an average of $350. Many charge FAR more. That’s not the whole story. They will generally insist on you paying up-front for a ‘block of hours’ in advance: typically 10-hours.

That translates to $1,195 – #3,500 UP FRONT – given the typical span of hourly rates. Moreover, paying those fees does not mean any money will be collected for you. Here at Quarrystone Financial Services, you pay absolutely NOTHING. WE will even pay your notary fees to get us started enforcing your judgment, as a courtesy to you. We pay ALL collection expenses – even if we fail to collect. We do not get paid, unless you get paid!


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