How long till I see results?

There is no honest answer to that question. When and whether we recover anything depends on many different things. Among them are, whether or not the Debtor:

  1. Owns property
  2. Has a job and/or has a history of long employment
  3. Is married
  4. Has money in a bank account
  5. Is a “Deadbeat”, good for nothing/druggie with no aspirations for success in life

The potential factors that affect our abilty to recover the judgment are so variable to make any speculation a wild guess at best.

That said, in many of our cases we see results as early as 2 to 3 months. The total time to recover an entire judgment can easily run 3-6 months to years. Each case is different, just like the people who are “judgment debtors”.

Please keep in mind. If the debtor was inclined to pay you what he owed, he would have already paid you what he owes you! The bottom line is, that the speed of the recovery process depends on how determined the you debtor is to resist fulfilling his obligation to pay. You are probably better able to answer that question than we are, because you have experience with this debtor.

Chances are we will be in your debtor’s face FAR MORE than you ever were following winning your judgment in court. Your debtor is going to get extremely tired of us — often to the point where they might just pay us (and you) to “go away”. That end result happens a lot for those we pursue.


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