Why not use a collection agency?

Collection agencies are good in some situations, but judgment recovery is not one of them. You should not use a debt collection company. Frankly, you will be wasting precious time, good money after bad, and the chances of your ever recovering money with a collection agency are slim at best.

Collection agencies send letters and make phone calls to the debtor. What is in your mail box these days? Ours are filled unwanted coupons, real estate fliers, and credit card offers. Debt collection letters mailed to home addresses will be tossed unopened in the trash with the other unopened “junk” mail! Yes, collection agencies can report your judgment debtor to the credit bureaus, but that doesn’t really help you collect your money.

Collection agencies usually focus on collecting pre-judgment debts – not judgments. Unless they are experienced in using all the legal tools available to judgment recovery specialists, all they will do is waste your time, money, and allow grass to grow under your debtor. Better to hire professionals who will agressively hunt down your debtor, their assets and USE THE LEGAL system to seize/garnish/lien the assets of the deadbeat who refuses to pay you!

Following the passage of the FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act way back in 1979, debtors can tell a third party debt collector to simply STOP CALLING, and they must comply… Then guess what, ALL phone calls cease, and your debtor simply tosses all their letters into the trash can unopened. ANY debt collection is stalled indefinitely. And the weeks, months, and years, roll by.


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